Neuron Mod Damascus



18350/18650 Chang’e Grey Damascus
18350/18650 Phobos Black Damascus
18350/18650 Surveyor Blue Damascus
18350/18650 Yohkoh Gold Damascus
18650 Voyager Silver Damascus

18650 Cassini Multicolor Damascus
18650 Toon Series Damascus Hand Engraved
18350 Grey Dmas Wolves Hand Engraved



  • Battery: 18650 / 18350
  • Lenght: 76mm / 46mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Button and Top Cap:  316 Stainless Steel
  • Tube: High quality Damascus Steel
  • Button Pin: Silver or Gold24k Plated
  • Spring switch

Top Cap and Button
Top Cap v1.2 : increased the internal thickness.
Button v2: new version.


Quality Metal
The Neuron Mod Mod has been made with TOP quality Damascus Steel.

Certificate of Authenticity
A certificate of authenticity is included to ensure the authenticity of the mod.

The Neuron Mod comes in an elegant antique walnut box.


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